Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flex error: Unable to transcode swf with embedded fonts

Today I wanted to create swf file in Flash CS5 with embedded fonts and then I wanted to use this file in Flex 4.

After writing the following code in Flex:

[Embed(source="./assets/fonts/fonts.swf", fontName="Minion Pro")]
private var minionProRegular:Class;

I saw this error:

Multiple markers at this line:
-Unable to transcode ./assets/fonts/fonts.swf.
-font 'Minion Pro' with normal weight and regular style not found

The reason of this error message were the text boxes contained within the swf file that contains embedded fonts.

Remove visual objects from Flash CS5 file with embedded fonts.

More information about this problem can be found here

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My photo as one of editors picks of

I just found out that one of my pictures was chosen as one of the best in the year 2009 in the night photography category on the site :).

Opole_at_ night-Green Bridge