Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ROMBot driving through maze using mouse sensor and stored coordinates

Final test of ROMBot build using arduino uno, H-bridge (L293D), parts form 2 old CD-ROMs, old optical mouse, couple screws, wheels from Castorama, IR receiver and old TV remote used for training procedure. Robot uses mouse optical flow sensor to calculate its position which is much more precise than using wheels encoders and wheel slip is not a problem as it is a case with wheel encoders.

ROMBot can communicate with PC using bluetooth and raport its posiotion, heading and PWM values for each motor. Data is visualized using specially created LabView application.

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aayushi shrivastava said...

Hi, I am working on navigation of differential drive on a general curve using a single optical flow sensor. I am using a differential drive , Arduino Mega 2560 and ADNS3080 as the optical flow sensor. We are facing problems in converting the raw data of optical flow sensor into coordinates. With change in direction of robot the axis of optical flow sensor changes and due to that its gives data with respect to new frame of reference. How to convert the data into absolute frame of reference of ground?

Could you please send the code of ROMBot and project documentations like specifications of ROMBot